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I3 Processor

Intel Core i3-4160 Dual Core 3.60GHz Haswell CPU 5 GT/s 3MB SR1PK FCLGA1150


Intel Core i3-7100 Kaby Lake Processor 3.9GHz 8.0GT/s 3MB LGA 1151 CPU, Retail


Intel Core i3-2120 3.3GHz Dual-Core CPU Processor SR05Y LGA1155 - CPU4801


Intel Core i3-6100 3M 3.7 GHz LGA 1151 BX80662I36100 Desktop Processor


Intel Core i3-4330 Haswell CPU (3.50 GHz / 4 MB Cache) LGA 1150


Intel 3.70 GHz Core i3-6100 3M Cache Processor CPU (BX80662I36100)


Intel Core i3 2120 3.3ghz Processor


Intel Core i3-2100 SR05C 3.1GHz Dual Core Processor


Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge Dual-Core 3.3GHz LGA 1155 65W SR05Y Processor


Intel BX80637I33245 SR0YL Core i3-3245 Processor 3M Cache, 3.40 GHz New Retail


Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz Processor SR05Y– BX80623I32120


* Intel Core i3-550 SLBUD 3.20GHz 4M Processor




Intel Core i3-3240 3.4GHz Dual-Core (CM8063701137900) Processor


Intel Core i3-3250 SR0YX 3.5 GHz Dual Core Processor Socket LGA1150 CPU


Intel Core i3-4160 Haswell Processor 3.6GHz 5.0GT/s 3MB LGA 1150 CPU, Retail


LOT OF2, Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual-Core (CM8062301061600) Processor


Intel i3-4150 3.50 GHz Processor


T497 Intel Core i3-2120 Dual Core 3.30GHz Desktop Processor -SR05Y


Itnel Dual-Core SR0RH i3-3240 CPU Processor 3.40 GHz


Intel Core i3-2100 SR05C 3.1 GHz CPU Processor Socket LGA 1155


Intel Core i3-2100 3.10 GHz SR05C Processor - (Lot of 2) - Tested


Intel Core i3-2130 3.40GHz Desktop Processor SR05W -FREE SHIPPING!!-location 4-A


Intel Core i3-4160 CPU 4th Gen. 3.60GHz LGA1150 3MB 5GT/s 54W Haswell Dual-Core


Intel Core i3-2102 SR05D 3.10GHz 3M LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPU Processor


Lot of 2 Intel i3 540 3.06GHz LGA 1156 CPU SLBMQ Tested Working


Intel Core i3-530 SLBLR 2.93GHz 4M LGA1156 Clarkdale CPU Processor


Intel ICore i3-540 3.0GHZ Dual-Core Processor LGA1156 Socket


Intel Core i3-530 2.93GHz Dual-Core LGA1156 Processor (SLBLR)


Intel Core i3-3220 3.3GHz (SR0RG) Desktop Processor


Intel Core 2.53GHz i3-380M Dual-Core Processor, SLBZX


Intel Core i3-4160T Processor


Intel Dual-Core i3-3220 SR0RG 3.30GHz 3M Cache LGA1155 Socket CPU Processor


Intel Core i3-540 SLBMQ 3.06 GHz CPU Processor Socket LGA 1156


Intel Core i3-2120 3.30 GHz Socket FCLGA1155 CPU Processor Lot of 3


Intel 2nd Gen Core i3-2100 3.1GHz Dual Core Processor SR05C 1155 65W CPU


Intel Core i3-2130 3.4GHz Quad Core Processor SR05W


Intel Core i3-530 SLBLR Dual-Core 2.93GHz 4MB Socket 1156 Desktop Processor


Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.30GHz SR05Y Processor CPU


*B Grade* Intel Core i3 2120 3.3GHz 3MB 5GT/s SR05Y LGA 1155 CPU


Intel Core i3-4160 3.60GHz 3MB SR1PK Socket LGA1150 Desktop CPU Processor


Intel Core i3-3240T 2.9GHz Dual-Core CPU Processor SR0RK


Intel Core i3-4150 3.50GHZ SR1PJ LGA 1150 Socket 3418C346 Processor


Intel Core i3-2130 SR05W 3.40GHz/ 3MB/ Socket 1155/ Sandy Bridge Processor